Ассоциация пользователей стандартов
по информационной безопасности АБИСС

Association “ABISS”

Our goals:

- ensuring of protection of the rights, legitimate interests of members of Association and representation of their common interests in the public and other authorities, the international organizations;

- development and establishment of standards and rules of entrepreneurial activities in the field of ensuring information security in the organizations obligatory for fulfilment by all members of Association, control implementation of members of Association in observance of requirements of the specified standards and rules;

- preparation of methodical recommendations for members of Association “ABISS”, interpretation of application of the Russian Federation legislation regulating the relations in the field of rendering services on information security;

- organization of training, retraining and certification of professional staff in information security services sector;

- establishment of assessment systems and confirmation (certification) of compliance to requirements of standards on information security of the Central bank of the Russian Federation and professional branch communities. The specified activity is carried out according to the legislation of the Russian Federation "About licensing of separate kinds of activity" and other regulations of the Russian Federation;

- making infrastructure, providing fulfilment of services on information security by all members of Association at the high professional level on the basis of the organization of their methodical support;

- development and introduction the system of professional rules (standards), standards of professional ethics directed to increase professional level at ABISS members, prestige and competitiveness of auditors on information security;

- participating in development and discussion of the legislative and other regulations drafts regulating the sphere of information security;

- participating in activity of professional branch associations;

- expansion of information security services market for members of ABISS Association by development of cooperation with the branch professional associations, public authorities influencing on development of information security services market in Russia and other public institutes;

- popularization of ABISS members by organization and holding specialized events:

1. advertizing and image (forums, conferences, round tables, exhibitions);

2. educational and consulting (seminars, round tables, trainings).

- organization of conferences, seminars, presentations and other events aimed at development of information security standards and branch in general.